Day 19: Alaska ~ World Championship Day 3

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-15 23:04:01

Sunday, March 3rd 2013 World Championship Day 3

Dean slept like a baby on the futon with me and did not move the whole night.

Today is the last day, I can't believe it. Just one more clean run. I will certainly not be changing anything up in the team because the way it is has been working really well. I guess I've never run Tim in a full 6-Dog Team on a very fast course before. We've trained 2 5-Dog teams all year for the most part, except in very early fall we were mixing it up. He is running like he was born for these trails and has not even attempted to dip snow. He seems to love running in a 6-Dog team.

The team has run like this the whole weekend...

Lead: Tim ~ Eli Both 60lb males Point: Lefty ~ Rose Sisters, we call them the wonder twins, 53 and 49lbs Wheel: Dean ~ Emma Brother to the wonder twins, Dean is 74lbs and Emma is a yearling at 46lbs

Today is similar to yesterday. About 15-20F and sunny.

Our run started out great and stayed that way. I could tell the leaders were maybe a little more tired than yesterday so I had to keep my mat down so my point girls did not run up on them. It's possible they could be a little sore too or maybe they just did not have it in them to run faster than the last 2 days as the trail was faster today. The section after the 12-mile trail cut-off that goes through a big open field was not punchy like it had been the last 2 days. The sun was strong but the air was cool.
The TOKO S3 Hydrocarbon Blue waxed runners were great. Brian did an awesome job waxing them even without our drill buffer attachment. Somehow I forgot the drill at home so we did not have that for waxing.
I decided I was not going to ask the dogs for more at the end today. They had given me so much these last 3 days. Instead, I just lifted the mat once I knew we were near the finish and let them run home. I was crying on that stretch and telling them how good they were. They sailed through the finish, it was a beautiful site.

Today was the day for the Mass Start 4-Dog. I guess it's the first Mass Start that has been done in the Interior. Brian and I helped Jay Olmstead into his chute. Each team was allowed 2 handlers that had to stand on the left side of the team. Each chute was lined with pine branches for quite a ways. At the GO, Jay's leader took off with my glove stuck in his collar. All the teams blasted out of the chute, it was pure insanity, something you really have to see.

The finish was really great. Lena Boysen came in way ahead of everyone. She also blasted out of the chute and was not in the mix with all the other teams at the start so she was not part of the mayhem or at least not for long. That is the only way I would run a race like that. To be in the mix with everyone else is pure chaos. Lily Stewart has a video on YouTube that shows a lot of the pack ~ wild is an understatement.

Martin and Kati pulled off their best run to win the 8-Dog 12 mile with just 6 dogs. That was a beautiful site to see, their dogs coming across the finish.


After the race, the Medals were awarded and pictures taken on the ice podium. I brought Eli up with me. It was getting COLD again so I put a jacket on him. He was actually happy and confident to get up on that podium, my good boy. An awesome Buffet Dinner from Pagoda Chinese Restaurant followed at the North Pole Hotel. Clint and I were griping about the cost of beer at the bar so I walked over to the liquor store and bought us a couple of 6-packs of Angry Orchard and Twisted Tea and brought it back.... fun times at the dinner.