Day 18: Alaska ~ World Championship Day 2

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-15 22:53:03

Saturday, March 2nd 2013 World Championship Day 2

Morning came fast. 1st thing we watered the dogs.

Now time to watch the video to confirm my time and figure out what is wrong here with the 6-dog times. There is no doubt that my time is 18.01, not 17.01, which makes way more sense as well from a MPH perspective. 21.3 mph is what my guys ran, not 23mph! But the guys I passed, the differences in our times are right for sure. So I start looking closely at the #s in all classes. Bib #1, Kim Wells had a start order time of 1m. All the other classes Bib #1 had a start order of 0m. Here we have it ? all the times are off by 1 minute. I will report the error this morning.

For those of you that don't know, 20mph is fast and generally will get you a very good placing, you will likely even win depending on the competition and the course. 21mph is a world-class winning pace in general now ? that has increased over the past couple of years.

We got to the race site and I found Mike Marsch to report the time error. We saw a little more of the skijoring this morning. We missed almost all of it yesterday. The men's times are really impressive. They are skiing the same course as the 6-Dog.

We helped Jay & Sherla again in the 4-Dog. The 4-Dog event would be determined today with the 4-Dog Mass Start that will happen tomorrow considered a separate event. Lena Boysen of Norway won the 4-Dog Event today. Jolene met her sister Buff, her nephews Turboprinsen and Gulgutten and her half sister Pulka. Amy Cooper came from behind after a bad Day 1 run to finish only 2 seconds off Lena's pace for the day. WOW. 2 of her dogs are from Petra x Forrest. The other 2 are from Nora, Petra's sister. Forrest is my dog and he is the brother to Jolene. I bought them both as 8 week old pups from Lena in 2008. They are 1st generation greysters, meaning ½ Greyhound, ½ German Shorthaired Pointer. Petra is a GSP that was Heather Brannen's dog but is now owned by Natasha Giroux in Quebec.

We were talking quite a bit about wax to some folks, especially Jacob Witkop and he was like ?if anyone knew what you do for wax they would be like ?what??! He said folks take waxing real serious. I mean, I know it's important, and I do pay attention, have learned how to wax over the years and do know the fundamentals of waxing, but I'm certainly not an elite waxer like some folks here who are also real deal skiers. I always tend to focus more on the dogs that are getting me around the course vs some of the other details. So, I used the runners with Blue TOKO Hydrocarbon yesterday (from when I waxed 3 weeks ago at home) and that felt good to me. That is what I had today as well. There was a wax room at the site so all the wax talk got us second guessing ourselves so we brought the runners over and had them waxed by a ?pro? for $30. They told me Blue TOKO was the worse thing to use yesterday and today. Really? Huh. The snow temp seemed right for that stuff but what do I know?

Now it's coming close to start at 1pm, I'm the first team out. We have lots of help, a person for each dog. We get to the line early, like 5 minutes early! It was OK, the dogs got a warm up. Better early than late.

Today it is a bit warmer than yesterday and it's sunny out, unlike yesterday. The course is almost all in the open so the sun is on the dogs most of the way around.

Here we go again, 5,4,3,2,1 GO....

Dogs rocket out and run a perfect clean run. I kept my mat down until we got past the first road crossing, then picked it up. At about 4 miles, it started to feel like the wax job ran out. My runners became abrasive with the snow and I was muttering to myself why the hell we paid $30 for a wax job that we did a better job with the day before. The video is actually really funny as I am muttering to myself for an extended period of time during the run about the wax job. When we turned the last corner and could see the finish I pushed them a bit again and we sailed to the finish strong. My GPS had us at least 25 seconds faster than Day 1.

Time 17.33. Distance 6.42. MPH 21.98 Holy Smokes!

We fed them shortly after the run and then did some socializing, but not much.

We talked to Martin and Kati about their 8-Dog Run. She was down to 7 dogs today having to leave their great man Vix at the truck as he was not in good form and the most affected by the Giardia. Kati said that tomorrow they will go with 6 dogs and leave Ghandi off the team as well. They are still in first with Jason Dunlop behind them.

After the race, we hit Wendy's and went back to the Cabin. I got on the internet and posted briefly about the day before I got kicked off. We took care of the dogs and made sure that everyone was drinking, Rose is giving me grief and is skinny as a rail. She is driving me crazy.

It's is going to be cold tonight and we decided Dean would sleep in the cabin with us and we would move Loretta to a different box in the back of the truck that is warmer. Hopefully I won't get allergies/asthma, but I'll take my chances. I'd like him to stretch out for at least 1 night.