Day 14: Alaska ~ Last Day in Talkeetna, AK

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-15 21:21:00

Tuesday, Feb 26th 2013 Last Day in Talkeetna, AK

Today we figured we take our time and maybe go training in the afternoon. This is our last day in Talkeetna. Since the Roadhouse doesn't do full breakfast during the week, we ate at our lodge, the Latitiude 62. Not bad, but not as good as the Roadhouse.

We slowly made our way over to the Montana Creek Trails. We saw Philip from Australia, who mentioned he was going to meet Greg Sellentin and they were going to groom. YES! It would be great to get a couple fast runs in before we head back to Fairbanks/North Pole.

We got to the trail system and Greg, Clint, Mandy and Philip were just packing up and the Australians were headed for Fairbanks/North Pole. Same trip we'll be making tomorrow.

We had a choice to run a 7.5 mile trail that was freshly groomed or do the 5.9 again and go through a stretch that was still snowy. I decided to go the shorter one again to see how they handled the speed and not try to go too far and fast today. So it was... Lead: Em, Eli Point: Dean, Lefty Wheel: Wheels, Tim

Em was a total speedster but backs off at certain points in the trail like when we pass the dog yard and coming up to the first turn and a few others I can't make any connections with. She was perfect after the first 2 miles are done. Speeders. Around 4 miles, Wheels started looking like the pace was a little much, and for sure after 5 miles. Wheels has very good stamina but I have never asked her to combine the stamina with speed yet on snow and she was a little overwhelmed. She usually hangs tough and is a good yearling. She has been running lead in most of these runs but we haven't run that fast because of the snowy conditions. After the run, the GPS said 5.83 miles, 17:21. Not bad.

After training, we fed the dogs at the trailhead and made our way back. Since it was our last night, I got a couple of Twisted Teas on the way home. Cleaned up and organized some in the room getting ready to leave tomorrow. Brian put the Cargo Carrier back on the roof and loaded up our suitcases.

WAIT, one important thing...where are we staying for the next 1.5 weeks? We really did not want to stay in one of the regular hotels. Brian told me to call the place Scott Baily and gang were staying, 3 Dog Night Hostel in Salcha. The name is a little deceiving because they have cabins in addition to the hostel. I figured they'd be full but they had a dry cabin available for a week...perfect! Bathroom is a little walk but that is no big deal for a great little cabin with wood stove for $60 per night. Add in very dog friendly, how can you go wrong?

We had figured we'd leave early Wednesday morning, traveling the 250 miles back through Denali National Park on the Parks Hwy to Fairbanks and run at the ADMA track in the afternoon. BUT, the trails were now nice and fast in Montana Creek that I think the best bet is train here in the morning, then leave...

I think under normal conditions, I would have let the dogs have a few days off before the race but since we had so little training back home I felt like I need to get them out as well I was still trying to figure out the team without Ada. It has not been easy, let me tell you. 22Mph leaders for 6.6 miles don't grow on trees... the good news is all the dogs are progressing in their stamina tremendously with about 4-5 runs on each dog in the past week. I never expected them to come along so quickly.