Day 13: Alaska ~ Talkeetna, AK

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-03-15 21:13:00

Monday, Feb 25th 2013 Talkeetna, AK

Today was another low-key day. Soon those will come to an end as we head back toward Fairbanks Wed morning.

Woke up slow, gave the dogs some baited water, finished my log and headed for Talkeetna Roadhouse for breakfast. Not too many people there but some older women from Tokyo came in and said hello, they were tourists. Would have been interested to hear what brought them to Talkeetna.

This was a warm, beautiful SUNNY day, about 30F. Today we saw Denali for the first time in all it's glory! Unreal...

After breakfast we walked around Talkeetna snapping pictures of this unique little town.

Last night the bartender told Brian about a shooting that happened at the very lodge ~ Latitude 62 ~ we are staying at in 2010. Interesting.

After walking around town, we headed for the Montana Creek trails. Lots of snow on them now. I ran Tim and Wheels in lead as Eli, Emma and Lefty need the day off. That did not work out too good. Tim was biting snow and Wheels was not sure of herself today. Those 2 dogs just do not bring out the best in each other. Both stopped to poop on the run too which NEVER happens at home, although I will admit my feeding schedule is a little off right now ? got to get that right again. Somehow the run was not much slower than our fastest run yesterday, but it was terrible to me. This is not going to be easy to get a lead partner for Eli. I just don't have another dog that fits the bill like Ada for the 6-Dog. Emma is the closest thing but she is just a yearling and not a confident one at that. Tim is good and solid but likes to dip for snow and that just can't happen in this race. But, Tim is the only real deal, fully trained and reliable back-up leader I have to Ada. He also generally runs really good with Eli. All dogs run good with Eli. I have been considering Emma only because I know she is a total speedster and does not dip.

After training, some distance mushers pulled in and we chatted with them for a bit before heading back, real nice folks.

On the way back to Talkeetna we picked up some beer and for the first time got to see Denali. It was perfect blue ski. Wild!

After taking care of the dogs, we headed to Twister Creek Restaurant and Denali Brewing Company Brian got the meatloaf special and I got a salad with chicken. I like good food, and I will go out on a limb and say that the food there was as good as anywhere I've been. The meatloaf and potatoes had to be the best I've ever tasted. I also had a sample of the Single Engine Red brew and that was real good.

After that, back to Latitude 62, let dogs out 1 last time and time for bed. Only issue is neither of us can sleep. The heat in this place is like 90F when it's on, all or nothing, and you have to keep the window open. And there is a loud tick from the heater that kept waking me. The alcohol didn't help either...

Tomorrow will be our last day in Talkeetna before heading back to Fairbanks on Wednesday. Just in time for the warm up:)