Day 12: Alaska ~ First Low-Key Day of Trip

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-02-25 09:36:00

Sunday, Feb 24th 2013 Training at Montana Creek Trails

Today is going to be a low key day I hope. Slept in some, got up and organized some stuff, including the trip expense tracking (ouch!). Today should be the first real downtime day other than training 1 6-Dog Team. Hopefully I can finish my daily logs and publish them on the Dogtec Site.

Off to the Talkeetna Roadhouse for breakfast again. That place is awesome. That is the 1 meal a day I am willing to pay for. $10 for an awesome big breakfast ? keeps you full all day almost.

Then we headed over to Montana Creek Trail System. Quite a bit of snow on the trails now from the past few days of snow showers. Yesterday we decided we would train 1 team and start running 6 dogs rather than 5 and 4. Train everyday and swap out 3 dogs per day. The run was good other than meeting some snowmachines head-on on this narrow trail. After the run, we could see those guys just ripping it up all over the trails on off the trails.

We stopped at Cubby's Marketplace on the way back just before Talkeetna Spur to get some fundamentals. Back at Latitiude 62, there was quite the rowdy crowd at the bar. Last 2 days there has been this guy in a small blue pickup who has the most massive, scary looking dog you ever did see. The dog sits in his truck the while he is in the bar. Sometimes the guys comes outside chatting with someone else and leaves his truck door open and I'm afraid to drop the dogs in case this dog makes his way out of the truck. He looks like he could eat my dogs. He's probably a friendly dude, but man you wouldn't take any chances with this guy, especially since the owner is a bit lax and dog has no collar on.

Around 4:30, Brian left for the Talkeetna Roadhouse and will bring me back some quiche. I'm too tired to walk anywhere and I'm cranky for some reason, I think I have a bit of a hangover from last night's Twisted Tea extravaganza.

Ada is doing good. We put an extra bootie over her bandage on each time she comes out. She's a happy camper. Eating like a champ, which I can't say for all the dogs. Man, I wish she was on the team. It's for sure a downer. Those types of leaders for this event are not easy to replace.

It was a late night but I finished the daily logs up through today and posted most of them to Dogtec, I'll post the rest in the morning...