Day 11: Alaska ~ Training at Montana Creek and Talkeetna Veterinarian

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-02-25 09:21:35

Sat, Feb 23rd 2013 ~ Training at Montana Creek and Talkeetna Veterinarian

Slept late, 8:30am. Woke up and called a local vet to see if we could get Ada in for her broken nail.

Packed up and header to Talkeetna Roadhouse for Breakfast on the advice of Philip from Australia. WOW. One of the coolest places I've ever been. Rockstar breakfast. Thanks Philip!

From there we hit the Montana Creek Trails. Mountains greeting us. Quite a bit more snow than Thursday, but nice temps in the teens. Everyone who grooms these trails is racing in Fur Rondy. Today we ran the 1st 6-dog team of the season, without Ada. Dogs were clearly happier and feeling good, unlike the other day. They rocked the trail out but still not sure about speed yet. If the race was running through deep snow, I'd be feeling real good now but we need to speed these guys up on a fast track. Without Ada, the front end is in rough shape on a speed course.

After the run, we packed up and headed for the ?bush? vet, Golden Pond Vet Services. Headed to her (Jennifer) cabin in Talkeetna. Ada was real nervous, growling like a Sabre-Tooth Tiger but calmed over the course of time. We had to knock her out good to remove the nail. 1.5 hours later we left. Poor Ada. Thanks Jennifer for your attention to Ada today! Nice to see a vet out of the almost corporate vet setting I'm so used to.

I'm having the first Twisted Teas of the trip tonight, it's been a long trek and I'm ready to relax some.

Talkeetna is a cool place to be!