Day 10: Fur Rondy Day 1 ~ Anchorage, Alaska

UserJessica DohertyTime2013-02-25 09:15:00

Friday, Feb 22nd, 2013

Dogs were happy in the morning. I gave them a real thick bait of 5lbs beef, 5 cups kibble and Annamaet Impact. All ate like champs, even Rose who hasn't eaten well in 2 days and looks like a bag of bones.

We trained last 2 days so we will not train today. Instead we will head to see Day 1 Rondy in Anchorage. We left in a rush and will miss the start.

Got to Anchorage about 12:30pm. Tried the Campbell Airstrip. Parked at Benny Benson School as directed by the website but the trail was about a mile down the road. We kept walking like where is it? We caught the last team going by, Greg Sellentin. A nice Scottish guy gave us a ride back to our truck and we headed for Cordova. We parked at 13th and Cordova and we caught quite a few teams coming over the crest of Cordova including Rob Worden, Egil, Greg, and others. AWESOME!

After that , we headed toward the finish at 4th and D street. We met Rob Worden and his wife at the Reindeer Sausage stand and chatted for a while about the race. The trucks were leaving fast. We walked to Greg Sellentin's truck and saw Greg who I haven't seen in years. Also met up with Clint, Mandy and Philip from Australia. We know Clint from the 2009 Dryland WC in Saguenay, QC. Philip was staying also at the Latitude 62 in Talkeetna and gave us some good info where to eat, etc...

We dropped our dogs in Anchorage, they were funny and friendly with all the people coming over to see them but confused. Then we headed back toward Talkeetna. We got back pretty fast, 2 hours or so, and Brian headed down to the bar while I tried to get caught up typing the daily logs. Only made it 2.5 days in 2 hours of typing, wow. This is a lot of work detailing out each day. I think it will be worth it when I look back on these logs though in the future.

Back at the Latitude 62, we let the dogs out. Ada came out of her box and squeaked. She BROKE her nail badly! Poor girl, first a should injury, now a broken nail. Tomorrow to a vet.