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    UserJessica DohertyTime2010-05-05 10:43:00

    It's finally done, our house is officially on the market. http://www.syracusemls.com/propertysearch/propertydetail.aspx?o=PhotoGallery&MLSNumber=S232665&MLSMarketCode=SyracuseNY We sure hope it sells this year.
    We also have a camp in Winchester, NH for sale. Seems like everything we have is for sale except the dogs!

    Two of our pups were sent to their new homes at 9 weeks, and we kept four. Dean is the only boy we kept, and at 3+ months old, he looks like a black stallion, what a beautiful build and such a people pleaser. They change so much each week, seems like I have a new fav every other week. They are starting to run really fast and 2 of the girls run like Jolene did at that age, amazingly fast and insane for such young buggars. I like these pups a lot, all 4 are real pleasers, very easy to train and fairly easy going, like the parents. Lefty & Dean are smooth coated, Fiest and Rose have fur like Ty. Very happy we got some fur.

    Hope everyone is enjoying springtime!