Group DOGS FOR SALE!!!!!!!

We have some great dogs for sale off our race teams!! Excellent bloodlines! For pictures and questions, please email or call/text 989-619-2384. Will discount for multiple dogs.

Gale-2018Perm M

He is doing great in training. Hard worker, great eater, smooth gaited, very friendly with people & all other dogs. Excellent bloodlines. Father is an every day Stage Stop dog in a top team, mother out of Aaron Peck's kennel. Currently running 40 miles, has 1,000 miles on him this season & currently in training. Could do any discipline from sprint to distance. Can deliver to Beargrease. Email for pictures. $600

Euro-2013Perm Swiss-2014Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Peeta-2018Perm M

Peeta is a great dog with awesome endurance! Good eater, smooth gaited, gets along great with other dogs. Race experienced. Ran every race last season as a yearling and did great! Excellent bloodlines! His Dad was an every day Stage Stop dog from a top team. His mom is out of the Peck's kennel. We are down sizing a bit to be able to keep several retirees. Currently in training, running 40 miles, has 1,000 miles on him this season. $600

Euro-2013Perm Swiss-2014Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Swiss-2014 (L)Perm F

Swiss is retired due to an injury to her ACL 2 winters ago. We would love her to have a great retirement home. She's also an excellent female to breed to. She has awesome bloodlines and ran on our main team. We have a litter of 2 year olds out of her that are doing very well in our teams. If you are interested in her, contact us. We will only let her go to a permanent retirement home.

Sabretooth-2009Perm Amelia-2011Perm Aaron Peck Pedigree

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