All of these males were the core of our team and males that we would breed to. All have excellent qualities and have been on our winning teams!
... Poppy-2010 (M) (L)
He is everthing we want in a dog. Very driven leader, very fast, always has a great attitude. Excellent eater. Great feet, bullet proof dog. If I could clone one dog, it would be him. He is very strong, friendly with dogs & people. Tough headed, nothing phases this dog. Ran main lead the last 2 seasons. Lead in every race in 2014 & 2015. Stud fee $500 AHE N/N (Negative)
... Tracer-2013 (M) (L)
He is a phenomenal leader! Fast, great on commands, super eater, durable, happy all the time. Finishes a run like he never ran. Has led our team to many top finishes. Stud Fee $500 AHE N/N (negative)