Group Studs

All 4 of these males are the core of our team and males that we would breed to. All have excellent qualities and have been on our winning teams!

Loki-2012 (L)Perm

Great leader!! Lead Al Borak's winning TCSDR 10 dog team in 2015. Also, ran 5 stages with the Magnusson's 2nd Stage Stop team, driven by Al Borak. Very leggy, beautiful build. Awesome attitude, very smart! Very fast! Awesome endurance. He is effortless in every way! He has been leading our main team since we bought him. Just an awesome athlete! We have two very promising litters out of him. Our yearlings out of him were awesome in our 2018 season. Stud fee $500

Siksik-2007Perm Cheyenne-2006Perm Bruce Magnusson Pedigree
Poppy-2010 (L)Perm

He is everthing we want in a dog. Very driven leader, very fast, always has a great attitude. Excellent eater. Great feet, bullet proof dog. If I could clone one dog, it would be him. He is very strong, friendly with dogs & people. Tough headed, nothing phases this dog. Ran main lead the last 2 seasons. Lead in every race in 2014 & 2015. Stud fee $500

George-2007Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Tracer-2013 (L)Perm

He is a phenomenal leader! Fast, great on commands, super eater, durable, happy all the time. Finishes a run like he never ran. Has led our team to many top finishes. Stud Fee $500 AHE N/N (negative)

Wrech-2008Perm Zinga-2008Perm Troy Groeneveld Pedigree

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