2010 1st Place Midnight Run Team

What an amazing race! We started 1st and finished 1st! It was the best run I've ever had! We broke the record for the first leg, arriving 19 minutes ahead of the field. The dogs just drove hard and got stronger and faster. We had no sore dogs at the checkpoint. Everyone ate, drank and rested well. They looked SUPER! The 2nd leg was awesome, the dogs finished strong and healthy and happy! We were 19 minutes ahead of 2nd place. I am so proud of these dogs. All 8 were awesome! I will never forget this race for as long as I live!
... Tefa-2004 (F) (L)
Ran lead the entire run. She was SUPER! She and George just ran flawlessly and set a blistering pace for the entire race! She is MVP for this race along with George. So proud of our "tiny" girl!
... Jackson-2006 (M) (L)
He was awesome! There were no weak links in this team!
... George-2007 (M) (L)
Ran main lead the entire race with Tefa. He was fantastic and set a blistering pace. He drove the entire 91 miles and finished a happy dog. He was so excited to see what was around every corner. He just wants to get there FAST! MVP with Tefa. He is only 2 and runs lead like he has done it for years. What a dog!
... Franklin-2007 (M) (L)
Frank the Tank was a powerhouse! What a dog! He was fantastic and loped the entire run and rocked in the hills!
... Prophet-2005 (M) (L)
He was absolutely awesome! I can't say enough about this team! Prophet is a superstar!
... Curlin-2008 (M) (L)
He is a spectacular yearling! He has handled everything this season like a veteran and is always ready for more. Rookie of the year by far! He was fantastic and loped the entire 91 miles! What a dog!