2020 2nd Place Apostle Islands 10 Dog Team

... Poppy-2010 (M) (L)
What a dog! Ran lead both days and was one of the best on the team at 9.5 years old!!
... Summer-2015 (F) (L)
Ran lead 2nd half of leg 1 & ran team day 2. She did great!
... Ove-2015 (F) (L)
Ran lead part of leg 1 & team leg 2. She did great!
... Taco-2017 (M)
Ran wheel both legs and did awesome!!
... Tara-2015 (F) (L)
Ran lead 2nd half of leg 1 & all of leg 2. She did super!!
... Casper-2018 (F) (L)
Ran on leg 2 as an alternate. She did great!!
... Rey-2018 (F) (L)
Ran leg 1 & did super! Caught a bug from the trail and was not feeling well Sunday morning so we left her out of leg 2.