Group 2019 2nd Place Midnight Run Team

Nelson-2015 (L)Perm M

Ran lead both legs and was awesome!!

Dusty-2011Perm Irene-2013Perm Jake Golton Pedigree
Neo-2015 (L)Perm M

He did awesome! Very hard worker

Poppy-2010Perm Melba-2010Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Ove-2015 (L)Perm F

She did great!

Chief-2009Perm Iris-2013Perm Jake Golton Pedigree
Raven-2016 (L)Perm F

She did awesome! Ran lead on leg 2!

Loki-2012Perm Rosie-2010Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Summer-2015 (L)Perm F

She did super! Ran lead on leg 1

Banjo-2013Perm Fiddle-2011Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Swift-2016 (L)Perm F

She did super! Likes to bark while she runs. Endless energy and endurance!

Loki-2012Perm Rosie-2010Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Taco-2017Perm M

This was his first race. He did super!

Loki-2012Perm Fiddle-2011Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Tara-2015 (L)Perm F

She did super! That was easy for her

Guru-2011Perm CHEYENNE-2006Perm Bruce Magnusson Pedigree

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