2019 9th Place Copper Dog 150

... Tuba-2011 (M) (L)
What a dog! Does his job and always ready for more after. Just super tough! He ran lead part of leg 1 but he is so big that he punches through on a slow trail. Larry switched him with Meri after about 10 miles. Did great back in team!
... Perry-2013 (M)
He did phenomenal! He's that invisible dog that you never have to look at. Endless energy. He was a complete nut job after the race and looked like he could easily run another 150.
... Ears-2013 (M) (L)
He did awesome, as usual! He's a big, powerful dog. Very strong in the hills!
... Tracer-2013 (M) (L)
He did awesome, as usual! Ran lead on leg 1 and team for legs 2 & 3. Can't say enough about him. He's tough as nails!
... Blizzard-2014 (M) (L)
He did phenomenal! We have never used him in lead in a race, only in training. He wanted to go faster than the leaders leg 1, so we put him in lead for legs 2 & 3. Wow! He was incredible!! We are kinda dumb to have never used him in a race. He was focused, not phased by anything and set a great pace! We will definitely be using him from now on.
... Neo-2015 (M) (L)
He did awesome, as usual! Very powerful, hard worker
... Meri-2015 (F) (L)
She ran lead half of leg 1 & all of leg 2 and was awesome!! She's great on a slow trail because she doesn't punch through, just floats over it easily. She definitely has more race leading in her future. She really stepped up this year.
... Raven-2016 (F) (L)
Wow! What an incredible dog! She was awesome all 3 days!! Ran swing leg 1 & 2. Ran lead on leg 3 and just flew! We should have had her in lead more. Very impressed with her! She has a bright future!
... Swift-2016 (F) (L)
She did awesome!! We are so impressed with this entire bird themed litter! She's an incredible athlete with awesome endurance! She made it look easy!
... Magpie-2016 (F) (L)
She did super!! Endless endurance and energy!! Absolutely love this litter!!