2016 1st Place Tahquamenon 8 Dog Pro

Had a great run! It was uneventful, just a nice clean run. Only got off the sled twice to remove some booties. They just kept a nice easy lope the entire race. I was shocked to find out at the finish we won by 39 minutes over 2nd place!!!
... Zeus-2010 (M) (L)
Was supposed to run lead with Poppy, but I wanted to try Loki in lead in a race. He did fantastic in swing as usual! Always happy and looks like he never ran after.
... Daisy-2010 (F) (L)
She is a little firecracker! Did super, as usual!
... Fiddle-2011 (F) (L)
She is a great dog! Always doing her job!
... Loki-2012 (M) (L)
Ran main lead with Poppy and was just an animal! What a dog!