2016 2nd Place Midnight Run Team

I had a great race! I was in the lead over Larry's team by 3 minutes into the checkpoint on leg 1. I could see Larry's team gaining on me coming through the field to Chatham. I had a great run on leg 2 but Larry's team was on fire. They passed me 18 miles in and I only hung with them for 2 miles. He ended up beating me with the B team by 6 minutes. My team did great and kept a great pace through adverse conditions. Super proud of our kennel! We both finished with all 8 dogs!
... Zeus-2010 (M) (L)
Ran lead both days and was awesome! Fantastic dog, fantastic leader!
... Daisy-2010 (F) (L)
She ran lead on Leg 1 and swing day 2. She is a super female! Very playful like her sister Pansy. Made sure to put her at the back of the trailer at the checkpoint so she couldn't disrupt the other dogs.
... Fiddle-2011 (F) (L)
Did super! One of the strongest finishers!
... Tracer-2013 (M) (L)
He ran swing the entire race and was one of my strongest finishers!
... Loki-2012 (M) (L)
Ran lead on day 2 and was super! He is an incredible athlete!