2016 1st Place Midnight Run Team

Larry ran the B team and had a great race! His team only got stronger. I passed him in the first 6 miles and he was gaining on me by the time we got to the checkpoint. Only 3 minutes separated our teams. His team rocked on leg 2 and passed me at mile 18 and left me soon after. This was Larry's first win. Beating the A team was icing on the cake! We both finished with all 8 dogs!
... Poppy-2010 (M) (L)
He ran on Larry's team to see if he was 100% for Copper Dog. He had a slight soreness near his groin after Ironline. Well, it's confirmed, he is 100% healthy and lead on leg 2 with Pansy and helped to set a great pace!
... Pansy-2010 (F) (L)
She was definitely MVP for Larry's team. She ran lead both legs and set a great pace! She is a little dynamo and wanted to go even faster! She didn't rest the entire 6 hour checkpoint. Instead, she played with Kodiak the entire time. She is a special girl!
... Kodiak-2011 (M)
He did fantastic, as usual! One of the strongest finishers. He really shines on a tough trail.
... Perry-2013 (M)
He did great! He has endless energy and barked at Kodiak and Pansy playing for the entire 6 hour checkpoint! Never tired for the entire 90 miles!
... Jase-2013 (M) (L)
He did great! This is his first race season and he is really impressing us!
... Missy-2013 (F) (L)
She did super and was one of the best on the team!! Loped with a tight line for the entire 92 miles!