Group 2014 13th Place Tahquamenon 8 Dog Pro Team

Larry and a bunch of other mushers, missed a turn less than 4 miles into the race due to an angry snowmobiler taking the turn sign out. So, he and others took a scenic detour for a few miles. Then had to turn around in very soft trail and head on pass all the other teams that also took the wrong trail on a trail one sled width wide, with waist deep snow off the sides of that tiny trail. Lots of helping others happened out there between teams. Larry eventually got on the right trail and used it as a training run for our B team. All 8 looked great at the finish, despite having run at least 45 miles, instead of 42 in that sloggy mess. Very proud of the leaders for all they had to go through with all the tight passing and Roxy got bit by an alligator on another team he was passing. She was afraid to pass for most of the run after that.

Bongo-2011 (L)Perm

This was his first race and he did great!

Slider-2004Perm Serra-2007Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Daisy-2010 (L)Perm

She did super, as usual!!

George-2007Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree

He did great, as usual!

Elrond-2004Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Fender-2006 (L)Perm

This is the first time she has not been on the main team in a race since she was a yearling. She is awesome and did great!!

Elrond-2004Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree

Very impressed with him! He worked his butt off and was awesome in the hills!

Elrond-2004Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Man O War-2008Perm
Man O War-2008

was awesome, as usual!!

Mike Lee-2004Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Pansy-2010 (L)Perm

Pansy did great, lead the whole race and passed like a champ!

George-2007Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Roxy-2009 (L)Perm

Ran lead the whole race. Got bit by a dog in another team while passing, so she didn't want to pass almost the whole race. Pansy had to drag her by. Did awesome other wise, drove hard the whole race.

Billy-2003Perm Fender-2006Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree

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