2013 Midnight Run B Team 8th Place

Larry had a great race! He was a bit worried about having two 2 year old leaders leave the starting line in downtown Marquette with all the people, but they did awesome!! They had a real solid run on the 1st leg. Dropped one dog before the 2nd. He had some trouble in the starting chute on the 2nd leg and lost some time changing dogs around. Then got going again. He started 11th and made up a lot of time and passed some teams, including the A team in our kennel and finished 8th!! It was neat seeing this young team do so well and look so strong as they came by me. Pansy & Daisy were awesome and ran lead the entire race!!
... Odessa-2004 (F) (L)
She was awesome on the 1st leg. Drove hard and was a loping maniac! She was dropped before the 2nd leg with a sore shoulder.
... Daisy-2010 (F) (L)
Ran lead the entire race and was SUPER!!
... Pansy-2010 (F) (L)
Ran lead the entire race and did SUPER!!
... Dutch-2011 (M)
This was Dutch's first race. What a pleasant surprise! He was one of the best on the team!!
... Kodiak-2011 (M)
He was the alternate for our Copper Dog team. He ran the Jackpine 30 for Linda Selesky and finished 4th!! She said he did great and worked hard the entire 31 miles!!
... Juneau-2011 (F) (L)
This was her first race. She did awesome!!
... Banjo-2011 (M) (L)
Banjo was awesome! Loped the entire run and his line was like a laser beam the entire time!!