2010 1st Place Tahquamenon 8 Dog Pro 43 Miles

We had an awesome race!! With Georgie in lead, we absolutely flew!! The trail was awesome, the best I've ever run on and the dogs did super! They gave it their all. What a wonderful start to our season! Both our teams rocked on that trail!
... Zoey-2004 (F) (L)
Zoey did a great job in lead, as usual. She was a little tired at the end, and I pulled her out of lead the last 5 miles. She gave it her all though!
... Jackson-2006 (M) (L)
He was super, as usual! He is a powerhouse in the hills!
... Gibson-2006 (M)
He was super, as usual! Like his brother, awesome in the hills! Finished a happy dog, like he never ran!
... Fender-2006 (F) (L)
Fender was super, as usual! She was on the entire race and finished happy.
... George-2007 (M) (L)
He was absolutely phenominal in lead! He was the throttle of our team for sure! Finished happy, like he never ran! Had a few passing issues, but was working them out by the end.
... Franklin-2007 (M) (L)
He did awesome and was just phenominal in the hills!
... Prophet-2005 (M) (L)
He was super and is a dog I never have to watch in the team! His tug was tight the entire run. Ran lead with George the last 5 miles and finished a happy dog!
... Curlin-2008 (M) (L)
I was a bit worried about him since he was a yearling and had never raced before. I was worrying for nothing! He was an old pro in the team, passing like a veteran and was one of the hardest workers in the team. He was awesome!!!