2009 7th Place Tahquamenon 8 Dog Larry's Team

Larry ran some vets mixed with yearlings. They looked super! We are so proud to have two teams finish in the top 10!! They also looked great afterwards, happy wagging tails and everyone ate well.
... Odessa-2004 (F) (L)
Main team dog, ran lead the entire race for Larry. She "hunted" alot out there, but kept the speed up and did a great job.
... Tefa-2004 (F) (L)
main leader, ran lead for all but the last 5 miles. Very driven in lead, passed well, and got every command. Wanted to slow down a bit in lead the last 5 miles, so Larry put Jersey upfront. Did super back in the team.
... Liddell-2007 (M) (L)
This young guy really stepped up this weekend. This was his first race also and he handled everything like a pro. A real force in the hills also. Finished strong and happy also.
... Franklin-2007 (M) (L)
This young guy did super and was awesome in the hills! Very first race, ran like a veteran. Finished very happy!
... Eddie-2006 (M) (L)
Did a great job running in team for the entire race. Worked hard, finished strong!