Group Dogs for Sale

Contact info: 306-920-7844

Bee-2015 (L)Perm

50 # plus female. Honest team dog, can point from point back. And has run lead in training. Good eater/drinker. Currently training 16 miles. Please contact for more info. SOLD

Zawa-2010Perm Gracie-2005Perm Aaron Campbell Pedigree
Sally-2015Perm F

Sally is a 45 pound female with blue eyes and black and white coat. Great eater/drinker. She excels when running 13-15 mph, which is a little slower than what my goals are for sprinting. She is well bred and has been trained up twice to run stage stop. $300.00 currently training 12 miles SOLD

Man O War-2010Perm Toohey-2009Perm Jr Anderson Pedigree