Haricot-2010 (M)
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  • Haricot (aka Hari) is a wonderful dog who contributed to our racing and tour teams for about two years and has since retired. He still loves to run in harness whenever he gets the chance. He lives in our "retirement garden" with his BFF and "Bean Litter" sister, Refried.

    Hari is totally blind due to p.r.a. While we would not have intentionally bred him, the litter he and Pepe had turned out to be the best accident that ever happened to our kennel. All those pups (the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" litter) continue to run on our team or on other regional teams. Almost all will lead, and the p.r.a. that led to Hari's blindness was not passed down.

    Hari and Refried have a littermate, Fava, who lives a wonderful city life with a man who has devoted himself to her and is known as The Beanfather.

    Jelly and Lima are also from a more recent bean-themed litter (Raymie and Barb Redington) and are not closely related.


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