Group Stud Dogs

These are males who have produced litters for me, been used as stud for other mushers, or are going to be used in my future breeding program. Each of these males represents bloodlines in my kennel, and are all proven racers and leaders. There are also very nice males in my kennel that are not listed here. Contact me for more info: -or- 406-209-3344

Emmett-2009 (L)Perm
M   BronsonPerm Otter-2008Perm Jenny Greger Pedigree
Khufu-2008 (L)Perm
M   Buddy (Brent Sass)Perm Barbara AnnPerm Pedigree
McGee-2011 (L)Perm
M   LeggsPerm Otter-2008Perm Jenny Greger Pedigree
Peter (aka Piper)-2002 (L)Perm
Peter (aka Piper)-2002
M   Pacemaker-1999Perm Breck (Sold from Gopher Lord, bred Perm Brenda Mackey Pedigree
Super Cub-2008 (L)Perm
Super Cub-2008
M   MarvinPerm Lacey(Ryan Redington)Perm Pedigree