Group Retirees old farts

Gibson-2006Perm M   Elrond-2004Perm Odessa-2004Perm Joann Fortier Pedigree
Laverne-2009 (L)Perm

Laverne mainstay leader.

Starting to slow down a bit, she had 2 unplanned litters in her 7 years. She just got spayed.

Rapid-2000Perm Tina-2004Perm Roy Smith Pedigree
Slew-2006 (L)Perm M

Main leader. Was in horrific accident a year ago. Slew has progressed nicely but he probably can not make it in terms of a top dog any longer. He requires some vet wrap on his bottom part of leg when its colder out since there is minimal muscle left on small spot on top of his leg near his front left foot. He runs fine just can't do speed or for much longer than an hour.

He is a great leader still however for training youngsters, holds line out no problem.

We are still working with him to see if he simply requires a much longer time to get back into 'shape' or if its truly the injury that has caused his slowing down and slight gait abnormality.

Rapid-2000Perm Tina-2004Perm Roy Smith Pedigree

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