STS, Sleddog Training System

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Sleddog Training System

Introducing STS

STS, Sleddog Training System, is an efficient and userfriendly software that helps mushers plan and control their training program. It has been designed by an active long distance musher who required an integrated system containing all essential data needed to make strategic descisions during the training season and whilst working towards an important race.

Loose excel files, roaming about paper notes and memorized information from previous experiences led to a pile of stand-alone pieces of information which simply did not provide an overall insight in the team's general state nor the exact condition of each individual dog.

With STS you can

  • Enter all the dog's information
  • Setup your teams
  • Plan upcoming runs
  • Capture relevant circumstantial information for each training (temperature, wind, etc.)
  • Maintain individual dog statistics
  • Maintain team statistics
  • Make founded strategic decisions based on a set of clear and powerful reports
  • View your progress on various charts

STS Main Menu STS Plan Runs

STS is a stand-alone software, running on a Microsoft Access Database which (in case the user does not have MS Access) is provided in runtime version along with the system. After the Trial Period you will get a permanent license when you purchase the software. The advantages of a stand-alone, instead of online software will be obvious to the real musher: you can take your Sleddog Training System with you wherever you go, not worrying about internet connections and possible risks and unsafety of online data entry. To obtain your trial version of STS mail to: