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Bug reports » Recent Dogs - Date is Off

Thanks for the report, I think it is fixed now.

Feature Requests » Dog groups

I just implemented that feature, let me know if it causes problems.

WKS Usage » Littermates

It could be an issue the birthdates with the littermates, they have to have the same birthdate or no birthdate to show up.

Bug reports » unable to add new dog

If you need help, please give more information on the conditions when the error occurs, like exactly what information about the dog you entered before saving.
I need to know more to find what the problem could be.

WKS Usage » Adding a new group

No, it should work. Every group has to be a child of another group except the root.
Just rename the root to Kennel or whatever you want and add a child group and so on.
Look at our kennel to see how you can arrange the sub-groups under the kennel node:

WKS Usage » Adding a new group

This is what we use too without any problem.

WKS Usage » Littermates

No you cannot, all you can do is create a dog for each littermate in your own kennel and link its parents to dogs in other kennels.

WKS Usage » Adding Sire/Dam that is in the system?

You just have to type the first letters of the name in the text box to the right of the select when you can choose a father or mother from your kennel. After a second or so, a list will pop up with matching dogs and their kennel and you can choose from that.

Feature Requests » Hide feature

There is already an active field for the dogs so that an inactive dog will be hidden.

Breeding » Cowboy Smith old style huskies

Yes, there are quite a few of those around.