404 when clicking on a dog in pedigree

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I think you're onto the problem, Dustin. Apparently "Doug Swingley Racing Inc", is inactive/deleted, and so most of the dogs in my pedigrees aren't showing up. I've looked around and it appears that Noatak and other kennels have those pedigrees, so I'll just take some time and "redirect" the pedigrees.

Thanks, Dustin!

Lacey - yes, I've seen this too. You're probably clicking on a dog that existed in another kennel but the kennel is no longer active on WKS. The pedigree information is preserved, but accessing that particular dog isn't since the kennel no longer exists. If you look at the URL when you hover over the link you can see what kennel the dog exists/existed in, and if it's an inactive/deleted kennel you'll get the 404.

I'm getting a Page Not Found (404) whenever I click on a dog in the pedigree of one of my dogs. Occasionally I'm getting a "dog not found".

Whenever I do a search for those dogs, they are coming up that way just fine.

I checked and I'm not getting this problem on pedigrees of dogs other than mine; I'm able to click on background dogs and see their pages just fine.

Any clue what's up? Anyone else having this problem?