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DAVE-2012 (L)Perm M

The gentle giant.

Dave is one of, if not the biggest dog in our kennel. But that does not slow him down as he has a long ground covering stride, and can easy hang with my fastest free running adults.

As a yearling Dave was showing advanced leadership skills, and has passed the test to prove that he has what it takes to lead.

He has also done real well with 1 dog ski-jorning, and has the power to move you down the trail.

Ideally suited for limited class-

Dave is currently running lead in front of 14 dog teams, and is doing so, perfectly.

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MAX-2008Perm Heidi-2005Perm T & B Streeper Pedigree
LIKA-2007 (L)Perm F



Lance-2004Perm NOME-2005Perm T & B Streeper Pedigree
Yoda-2011 (L)Perm M

- Yoda is beginning to shine, he is now being trained in the lead position.

He has what I feel is required to become a top front end dog,- confidence, speed, agility and smarts.

Speed machine- super fast- one of my fastest free running males.

Yoda has developed into a top class racing dog. He traveled winter 2014 as part of my main teams.

as a yearling, Yoda was a stand out team member with our advanced yearling team, and proved himself as member of multiple championship team.


act fast this super start is in high demand.

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Eddy-2006Perm JULIE-2002Perm T & B Streeper Pedigree