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ANNA-2009 (L)Perm

Race winning leader- one of our main leaders over the last 3 years.

Good head- good speed- good feet- good attitude- good eater- easy keeper- fast, great endurance, good mother-

serious inquires only- please contact us for further info-

Eddy-2006Perm Blondie-2006Perm T & B Streeper Pedigree
CHEIF-2009 (L)Perm M

Race winning leader- and championship team member

Chief has developed into a championship leader- he can be the main man- running lead everyday if needed.

He is versatile and can run hard setting fast pace from 6 miles, up to 60 miles.

Good head, friendly, hard driving, good with other dogs, good eater, good feet.

All around a good dog. ready to race, currently in peak conditions and ready to join your team.


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Lance-2004Perm Tequila-2007Perm T & B Streeper Pedigree
LIKA-2007 (L)Perm M

Super leader.

Lika has been one of our main leaders for the last 4 years. She can set a winning pace in lead from 16-60 miles.

Smooth efficient running machine. runs with long ground covering lope.

Super friendly, super fast, good eater, loves free running, good with all dogs.

Serious Enquiries Only. Please email-

Lance-2004Perm NOME-2005Perm T & B Streeper Pedigree
Thelma-2007 (L)Perm F

as good as they come.

thelma was my main race leader for a few years, She was my winning leader at- Wyoming Stage Race. Yellowknife 150, The Pas World Championship,

Thema is a member of our historic TERRIFIC T litter. Every dog from that litter has went on to race and win, or produced race winning team members.

Thelma is a proven brood bitch. She is the mother to race winning dogs currently running in my main team. Good mother.

Great dog, super friendly, hard driving winning leader. Can lead and set winning pace from 10 miles to 60 miles.

Great endurance. Good eater, easy keeper and good feet. Good mother.

Thelma is being sold as a proven brood bitch. - $3000

Pride-2000Perm Myia-2003Perm T & B Streeper Pedigree