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Herman-2007 (L)Perm M

Breeding stud available. Proven Champion, proven offspring.

Herman is the man- He is, and has been th biggest dog we race every year. We put him on the scale at the start of the 2014 IPSSSDR in Jackson Wyoming, and he tipped the scale at 65 lbs.

Always a solid contributer, Herman was a stand out dog as a 2 year old in 2010, when he led Lina Glad to a silver medal finish in both Wyoming and Yellowknife. IN that same year, he raced and finished on Buddy;s winning Fur Rondy World Championship team, proving not only does he have the endurance, but also the speed.

At age 3, Herman was moved over to Buddy's team, and would successfully the main team for the next 5 years, raking up multiple victories in Wyoming , the Pas, Yellowknife, Cross Lake, Fort Nelson, Minnesota and many more.

IN 2015 , at age 7, Herman proved he still had what it takes to race with the main team, and contributed to year another Wyoming Stage Stop title.

Herman has been bred, and is now a proven champion stud, as several of his offspring are now the top dogs on winning teams around the world.

Ceaser-2001Perm Emma-2003Perm Joel Nelson Pedigree